Although we’re past Valentine’s Day, you can’t help but want to indulge a little. I mean, do we really need an excuse? If you feel the need to try a new recipe or make something special, look no further than these great recipes. This year, try mixing it up a little with these 5 Decadent Desserts You Need To Try.

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Raspberry Cakes

If you’re looking for something a little special, try making these adorable little heart-shaped cakes. Perfect for individual servings and would be great for any date night anytime of the year. Find the recipe over at the Cooking Channel.

Easy Tiramisu Mousse

How about a classic Italian dessert…with a spin? It’s light, fluffy, and so delicious. Often viewed as a complicated, up-scale dessert, tiramisu is actually quite easy to make. And with it’s simple flavors, it’s sure to please your tastebuds. Find the recipe at Crazy for Crust.

New York Style Nutella Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? Who doesn’t love nutella? So what happens when you combine the two? Only one way to find out. Check out this amazing recipe over at Lauren’s Latest.

3-Ingredient Flourless Chocolate Cake

Yes, you read it right. Flourless chocolate cake. With only 3 simple ingredients, it’s a perfect recipe for anyone to make, any day of the week. Feel free to experiment with different chocolates to see what you like best. Want the recipe? Head over to Gimme Some Oven.

Mocha Chocolate Cake

How many of you have been waiting for me to say coffee? Don’t lie. For all the coffee lovers out there, here’s a real treat for you. What could be better than coffee in your chocolate cake? If you want this amazing recipe, see Liv for Cake.

I realize there are countless other favorites that could easily be added to this list, but I wanted to share a few of my top picks with you. What’s your favorite decadent dessert?