Betta Fish

Pets You’ve Never Considered, But Should

Pets: those lovable balls of energy that can drive you crazy one minute, and steal your heart the next. Take 10 seconds out of your busy schedule to Google pets and you'll get a plethora of images and articles relating to every topic imaginable relating to animals. If...

Betta Care

Bettas—these tropical fish have become one of the most popular and well-recognized species of fish. With their vibrant “plumage” and their sassy personalities, bettas are a perfect addition to any aquarium, as long as the conditions are right. Not only are they one of...

An Introduction to Bettas

Bettas, Siamese fighting fish, Japanese fighting fish—these are the three most common names you see for these exotic little creatures. Possibly one of the most distinct variety of fish available, people love both the look and personality of a betta. Sassy and feisty,...

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