Before I write about how to take care of guinea pigs and share my stories and tips with you all, I feel the need to properly introduce our piggies (and yes, this is what many guinea pig owners call their pigs 😀 ). It all started when we had gone to Petsmart for the fun of it and I saw the most adorable little hamster. (I have owned hamsters in the past and have always thought they were so chunky and precious). As a result, I started thinking about maybe getting one or two, but I was not sure that our land lady would let us even have hamsters. The more I thought about little fuzzy creatures, I started really wanting guinea pigs. I also had one of these when I was younger and as you will see in my upcoming guinea pig posts, I am a huge fan of these silly things. Please note, that I do not recommend impulse buying of pets. I have done much research on pets, especially guinea pigs, throughout my years and I always make sure that I can take care of whatever pet I buy for the length of its life. Now that that’s been discussed…

Considering that guinea pigs are much bigger than dwarf hamsters, I had a very small chance of getting any. Regardless, I started searching around on the internet to see if any were for sale in the local classifieds or on Craigslist. Seeing that I was completely enamored with the thought of owning pigs, my husband decided to talk to our land lady about it. Of course, she said no pets (as we had agreed to before moving in). Well, that took care of that goal in life… or did it? The next day our land lady called back saying that she had reconsidered. Why? Because our next door neighbor (yes, we lived in a duplex) was taking care of a stray outdoor cat (that she would let inside her house when it was cold, etc.) Our land lady said it wasn’t fair for us to not be able to own guinea pigs when the neighbor practically had a cat. Uuhhh, thank you? Very unexpected, but greatly appreciated.

Phase 2: the search was on! I proceeded to shop for the best cage I could find and looked for all the best deals on supplies. We made several attempts to meet with people who were selling their piggies but it fell through every time. We even tried to arrange something with one person three or four times before everyone just gave up. Craigslist is a great place to find guinea pigs, etc. for sale. I recommend it as long as it’s’ used safely (meet in public places and so forth). The problem is that the vast majority of pigs for sale are usually much closer to/ farther north of Atlanta than we are. Finally, at the beginning of August we had a plan to meet someone to pick up two little girl piggies. Just a quick little work day at the church and then we were taking a drive to get them! Or not. Right before we left the church, they canceled on us.

The Search is On... For Guinea Pigs | My story of how I finally bought my guinea pigs |

On a whim, we decided to swing by Petsmart since we would be up in the area to pick up some furniture anyway. (They were having a 50% off sale on guinea pigs and I had to check this out— yes I was getting a little desperate maybe). As you probably figured out, we bought George and Patrick there. They had exactly what I had been hoping for, not sure I was going to get (baby Abyssinians— love that fur!) Well, that’s our story of how we finally (finally!) got our pigs. So after all the searching and all the obstacles, I guess you could say the rest is history?

The Search is On... For Guinea Pigs | My story of how I finally bought my guinea pigs |

(I know how many people feel about buying from pet stores (because I agree, mostly?) Please read my article Pet Stores vs. Adopting to see the pros and cons of both.)