2016 Reflections

2016 is formally over and finished with. Can you think it’s 2017? With the coming of the brand-new year, I have actually heard expressions such as, “I hope it’s much better than the last one,” or “I’m grateful 2016 is over.” Fact be informed, 2016 was in fact a truly excellent year for me. I comprehend what a few of these individuals are speaking about. I truly do. There are some years that are physically, psychologically, and mentally taxing. I’ve had my reasonable share of those.

However perhaps we’re taking a look at our years in the incorrect method. Possibly we have the incorrect focus. I’ve been guilty of this many times so I chose to make a list of why 2016 remained in truth a great year for me.


I feel that this in an all-too crucial one for me that I can’t go without pointing out. Having actually lost member of the family in my not-too-distant past, I have actually discovered simply how rapidly you can go from being completely healthy to significantly ill. Taking my health for given is something that I attempt not to do, however I do it anyhow in some cases.

Simply a couple of years earlier, I appeared to be continuously pestered with some kind of disease or undetermined ailment. It got actually old, actually quick. It appeared to intensify up until I discovered myself confronted with a dangerous problem. That was a hard time for me worrying my health.

If you delighted in health in 2016, please make sure not to take it for given. A lot of others do not even enjoy this apparently easy true blessing. So if your health was excellent, if you kept breathing in 2016, perhaps the year wasn’t so bad after all.

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Let’s simply proceed and get this one out of the method. Politics were rough this year. It does not matter what side you’re on since both sides were executed abuse withstanding the consistent barrage of slander and dishonest practices. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I would be remaining as far from the political scene as I potentially could. Nonetheless, the rubbish of all of it still appeared to approach on me.

However truthfully, I didn’t appreciate the last result. I will not lie, I did vote. And I did have issues and perfects of who would remain in the Oval Office. However I didn’t stake my relationships and my peace of mind on it. Why should I? When God currently understood what would occur and absolutely nothing might occur outside His will. No matter who won, I currently understood they could not do it unless the Lord enabled it.

So yes, I did prefer who got chosen. However no, I didn’t tension, concern, or grumble about the prospects. In the end, what will it matter anyhow? The goodness in a year will not be identified by the ever-changing political scene.


On a more individual level, 2016 brought some brand-new chances my method. A few of them were as an outcome of myself, and others visited method of my partner. Offering at our church has actually provided numerous brand-new obstacles and barriers, yet likewise a revitalizing modification. While this previous year was exceptionally hectic (sometimes, nearly excessive so), we both took pleasure in the trip.

Along that exact same line of idea, I’ve likewise fulfilled a great deal of brand-new individuals. Social network, church, and work have actually all caused brand-new manner ins which I’ve familiarized some fantastic individuals and make brand-new buddies. Whether it was on a raft in the middle of the river on the rapids or at a gathering, 2016 brought numerous brand-new chances in my life that I now treasure as memories.

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Point of view

The older I get, the more I recognize how far I’ve come and how far I need to go. There was a time, not too long back, that I felt that I had whatever found out. My life was steady. My ideologies were grounded. I was young and in control. However obviously, I was likewise oblivious. I’ve pertained to find out something: you will constantly review your previous self and question what worldwide were you believing? Okay, perhaps not constantly to that severe, however truly.

Even within the course of one year, I have actually felt my faith grow much deeper and my discernment a little more powerful. I can’t take the credit for much of this. I have a lot of individuals that have actually been prominent in my life and I thank them for all their love and assistance.

So while I’m no place near where I must be and I’m refrained from doing knowing yet, I recall over 2016 as an effective year in getting a brand-new point of view.


I have a confession to make: objectives are the driving force behind my life. How about you? Are you “goal-oriented?” Since I was little bit, I was constantly setting individual objectives for myself and keeping to a schedule to make certain I satisfied them. In some cases I attained my objectives and other times … not a lot. 2016 was a huge year for me in setting brand-new objectives. I’m looking ahead at 2017 as my year to finish (or a minimum of pursue) those set objectives, and let me inform you: I’m fired up!

Never ever stop dreaming. It does not matter how old (or young) you are. Set objectives. Make strategies. And discover individuals who will support and assist you to accomplish them. My hubby is my greatest advocate. Even when I seem like an insane individual, he’s there supporting me, motivating me to chase my dreams.

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I’ll constantly recall at 2016 as the year I set some huge objectives, and ideally, I’ll recall at 2017 as the year I accomplished them.

These are simply a few of the true blessings I got in 2016, and there are many more. However I do not believe you would wish to check out an article that long so I’ll simply complete it with this idea. What true blessings, unique occasions, and excellent memories did you get in 2016? Do you think about 2016 an excellent year or a bad year?

I understand times can be tough. I’ve existed too. However let me simply state that God is devoted. Even in the dark times when the sun will not shine and the tears will not stop. There will be those low times when you can’t envision proceeding. However God is strong and He’s been my buddy though all of it. So if 2016 was hard, lean on Him and expect the brand-new year, seeking to see what He has actually prepared for you.

And if 2016 was an excellent year, then do not grumble about the bad. Rather, thank Him for the great.

Pleased New Year from Seven Days a Week!

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