7 of the WORST Things to Happen in Video Games

Computer game are that pastime, that enthusiasm, that gamers worldwide can take pleasure in. Whether you’re on getaway taking a couple of days on your own or you’ve simply had a long, demanding day at the workplace, your console is patiently awaiting you to strike that “On” button and relax for a couple of hours.

However in some cases, computer game aren’t so simple, and they’re definitely not constantly unwinding. Depending upon the video game or the present goal, your adrenaline might be rising and your heart is pounding. And often, you may even toss that controller directly into the wall. If this has actually ever occurred to you, possibilities are it’s due to the fact that of among these 7 outright worst things to occur in computer game.

1|Absolutely no Supplies

In the bulk of video games, designers respect their gamers, providing a whole armory of weapons and ammo to pick from. You’re continuously getting something brand-new and including it to your stack of firepower. Grenades, rocket launchers, and weapons are simply another pickup.

actuallyrequirement that med set? Perhaps you had much better wait. Simply in case. Yet, no matter how thoroughly you stock your materials, you undoubtedly go out. Usually after a hard batch of opponents that attempted to rip your face off. And this would not typically be such an issue– you made it through after all– today you need to go on to deal with in charge and you have absolutely nothing to eliminate with.

This in fact taken place to me back then while playing The Thing on PS2. It was a follow up based off of the film and it was rather tough. I keep in mind coming to the end of the video game and running incredibly short on whatever. And if you understand this video game, that is NOT what you wish to take place.

Other video games like Resident Evil and The Evil Within like to keep materials from you, and I expect that includes a little bit of realism to the experience. Nevertheless, it’s one of the worst things to occur when you’re the one playing.

2|Dead Ends

This next entry is something that appeared to occur more with older video games, which is when you pertain to a dead end. Now, I’m not discussing the type of dead end where you just select a various instructions. This is the kind you would stumble upon in puzzle scenarios.

The right series of the puzzle may be to put a product, and after that press a couple of cages around up until you get the riddle resolved. However in some cases, whether it was a problematic style or gamer oversight, you would get stuck.

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Or the time in Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation where you handle the Minotaur. Unless you trap him (by utilizing a timed door), he will have the ability to avoid Lara from climbing up a ladder. Why? Due to the fact that his hammer developed shock waves that break her grip on the ladder. It’s one of those circumstances where you’re much better off refilling the video game and attempting to trap the Minotaur once again.

The old Tomb Raider video games anticipated you to be deliberate with your products and actions, and needed a little accuracy. And while this is partially what made the series fantastic, there were times when it was simply irritating.


Have you ever been playing a video game, and possibly you’ve simply beat a truly hard opponent or fixed a challenging puzzle … just to have the video game crash?

If you’re a player, you’ve existed and it is the worst. There is no chance to see it coming or to prepare beforehand. All that development is now gone permanently and you’re destined duplicate everything over once again. And if you wish to take a bad circumstance and make it 10 times even worse, we’ve likewise experienced the circumstance where your newest (or just) conserve is now damaged by stated crash.

Just recently, I was playing Tomb Raider Legend and was making good development. The gameplay was being taped for YouTube so that implied enduring each and every single cutscene (although I had actually seen it all prior to), doing whatever ideal, and getting every artifact … and after that the video game vanished from my screen. I’m not going to state I didn’t think about rage stopping.

And this isn’t simply a modern-day issue. Even playing Twisted Metal 3 on PS1 I would have freeze ups. I had actually played that video game a lot of times that the music would avoid and the video game would periodically crash. It’s simply the nature of video gaming, however it does not make it any much better.

4|No Checkpoints

Checkpoints have practically end up being a distant memory with much of today’s video games, with manual conserves and automobile conserves ending up being the go to choice. However that’s not to state that we no longer see making use of checkpoints in video games.

Nevertheless, it remained in older video games like Final Fantasy X that it ended up being an issue. This title was infamous for pitting you versus remarkably difficult managers (with numerous stages) just to reward you with absolutely no checkpoints. Sure there normally wasn’t one too far, however on your very first playthrough, it’s abuse. You * lastly * won and your characters are loafing talking … foreeeveeer.

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Absolutely nothing is more difficult than enduring the next numerous minutes of cutscenes, discussion, or small fights all while understanding that you have not had the ability to conserve your development. And if you pass away (or the video game arbitrarily freezes) you will be combating that manager all over once again. Playing a video game while frantically requiring a checkpoint is among the outright worst things to occur in computer game.

5|Looong Cutscenes

Returning to my Final Fantasy example, it is a video game that enjoys its cutscenes. It’s where they disclose brand-new and interesting info. You satisfy brand-new characters and expose your real bane. And all of this can equate to some exceptionally long cinematics.

Which would not be so bad … if you might avoid them.

Now, on your very first playthrough you actually should not avoid the cutscenes. Not if you’re wishing to get the complete story. However let’s state that you’ve played the video game over and over once again, and might estimate the discussion (and inflections) verbatim. Or how about this, the cutscene plays right prior to an employer battle that you’re having a hard time to beat.

We’ve all existed. No matter the number of times you’ve attempted, you’re still stuck on that one employer, required to endure his end-of-the-world speech each and every single time. You dislike him at this moment, not since he is wicked however due to the fact that he smashes you into the ground without raising a finger. You start to mock him and curse his mom.

However none of that matters. He can’t hear you anyhow. And no matter the number of times you push that ‘X’ button, there’s no avoiding the cutscene.

6|Winning …

When it concerns penalizing computer game, there is actually just one series that enters your mind: Soulsborne. From Software constructed a whole franchise off of harsh problem and crazy managers. It’s why me therefore lots of other masochists like it.

However if there’s something the devs like to do, it’s technique the gamers.

Just recently I was battling versus Genichiro Ashina in Sekiro. He is an experienced swordsman and takes 2 deathblows to do him in. After battling, passing away, and attempting over and over once again, I believed I won … and after that can be found in stage 3. Yes, it was among those managers. The ones with the “reward” material. And he’s not the only one. Others such as the Souls of Cinder from Dark Souls III and Ludwig from Bloodborne are simply another example of just how much these devs like to penalize their gamers.

Since exists actually anything more aggravating than the additional stage? In some cases you’ve put hours into a video game just for it to laugh in your face and eliminate you. Once again. So yeah, second/third stages. They are a thing and I dislike them.

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7|Escort Mission+

Now, for my last entry, I most likely might have pointed out escort objectives and left it at that. You, the hero, are completely efficient in managing yourself. You’ve got the armor, the HP, and the huge toolbox. Zombies, mercenaries, death traps … they’re no match for you.

And after that the video game provides you an NPC to escort. They are hopelessly dumb. Simply attempting to browse them through an easy course takes ages and a single hit will end their lives and return you to your last checkpoint. So yes, I might leave it at this, however there is something much, much even worse.

In Max Payne 2, you reach the chapter Dearest of All My Friends. Here, you discover that you’ve been double crossed by Vlad (not a surprise there) and it’s now your task to conserve Vinnie. He can assist you if you do, however there’s simply one issue. He’s stuck inside a mascot fit with a bomb in it. Getting Vinnie to security indicates securing the hooligans prior to they can diminish your NPC’s health and triggered that bomb.

So how is this even worse than a basic escort objective? When you effectively finish the objective, Vlad appears … and detonates the bomb. It’s part of the story, sure, however it is so annoying. Possibilities are you passed away or stopped working the objective a couple of times just for your NPC to pass away due to the fact that the story determines that’s what requires to take place. This is the worst kind of escort objective, and it is likewise among the worst things to take place in computer game.

Last Thoughts

These are simply 7 of the worst things that have actually occurred to me in computer game, however there are plenty more that I didn’t point out. Let me understand in the remarks listed below what your most disliked things are, and as constantly, pleased video gaming!

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