Games can be tough often. It takes anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple hours prior to your brain lastly adapts to the controls. A couple of levels prior to you’re genuinely comfy playing the video game. And perhaps even a couple of playthroughs prior to you end up being a master. However if there’s something that tosses you off your groove, it’s the water levels.

Your character can be quickly, fatal, and almost invincible for almost a whole video game. Yet put him in a couple of feet of water and he’s slow, uncomfortable, and an overall noob. And after that there’s us, the gamers. Our brains remain in panic mode and we no longer understand how to play the video game. Consider the inverted controls and breath meters and we’re seconds far from rage giving up.

No matter how aggravating water in computer game can be, there’s no rejecting it’s lovely to take a look at, and often it can even be enjoyable. However these 7 video games aren’t about enjoyable. These are 7 of the worst water levels that I have actually played.


Water levels have actually ended up being a notorious installation in numerous video games. So why need to I be shocked that Nioh chose to consist of one also.

Nioh, like the Soulsborne franchise, holds lots of obstacles. And much like the Soulsborne series, you will drown if you enter into deep water. Water is not your good friend. Which’s where Isukushima is available in.

This waterlogged city is worn out, falling in on itself. The town is overrun with Yokai, consisting of one powerful Umi-Bozu. Going through a level of Nioh is usually a bad concept. Going through Isukushima is almost a death sentence. The level is dark, similar to the other levels, which indicates that you can fall under a hole in the slabs without understanding what remained in front of you. There are narrow pathways and beams that you should tread throughout, all while opponents listed below or above shoot intense arrows at your head.

And speaking of Umi-Bozu, the water is partly what makes this manager so hard. In my early efforts, drowning was the reason for much of those deaths. Itsukushima is a level that you require to take gradually, no matter how severely you wish to speed run your method through to your tomb and valuable amrita. However no matter how mindful you might be, you will pass away a watery death. All due to the fact that Team Ninja dropped William into a water-filled level without teaching him how to swim.

Lost Fleet|Spyro

For some unidentified factor, a lot of the early generation titles consented to consisting of particular environments in their worlds. Numerous of the video games had that required snow/ice level. Then there were desert levels and jungle levels and so on. And naturally, there were the water levels. And Spyro wasn’t about to be overlooked.

In the very first video game, Spyro could not even entered the water without taking damage. In Ripto’s Rage, the young purple dragon might lastly swim and all of us believed that was the very best thing … till we supported the controls. Browsing Spyro through the water was one huge headache, specifically with the inverted controls in location.

In Seashell Shore from Year of the Dragon, there is lots of swimming and attempting to get gems and ram into octopus. A genuine discomfort. However it was Lost Fleet that truly got to me.

This level’s water isn’t simply water. It’s harmful. And unless you have an unique (and momentary) power up, you will not last long. And believe me, there are a great deal of method to fall under the water in this level. Nevertheless, it’s the submarine obstacle that showed to be the most discouraging. Hopping inside the submarine, you are safe from the toxicity, however you should ferret out 6 other submarines and blow them up. There are a lot of barriers and bad controls to get in your method. And to top it off, you need to await the sub’s sensing units to come into best positioning prior to you can fire. Spyro is infamous for its water levels, and for me, this is among the worst.

Below the Sphinx|The Last Revelation

Now, I might have opted for numerous of the initial Tomb Raider video games here, choosing levels like 40 Fathoms from TR2 or the undersea mirror space in the Temple of Karnak from TR4. If you’ve played this video game, you’ll keep in mind that entire bit where you swim through a labyrinth, just to end up in a dead end space with a mirror. After passing away a couple of times and re-exploring other locations, you most likely discovered that the mirror reveals a covert opening in the ceiling above you, providing you access to the method forward.

However rather, I’m opting for the water labyrinth underneath the Sphinx. By this point in the video game, you’ve dealt with a great deal of puzzles and tough opponents. As one of the last tests of the video game, you are needed to browse a winding labyrinth, total with levers, disallowed doors, and crucial products. You need to keep in mind however, that this is a PS1 generation video game. An extremely sleek PS1 video game, however early gen however. Which indicates that your controls are less than best and you will most likely get stuck on unnoticeable corners. All the while, Lara is lacking breath, and if you’re not fast enough, lacking life.

This is a tough video game with a tough puzzle, made that much even worse since of water.

Down televisions|PacMan World

To begin with, Down the Tubes is a completionist’s worst problem. The very first area of the level isn’t so bad. You’re on collapsing platforms, gathering Pac dots and stomping opponents. Nevertheless, it’s when you’re plunged into the water area that things spoil.

Listed below the depths are mechanical sharks that you are helpless versus. There are likewise hot pipelines that switch on and off which you will need to browse around. However this level isn’t practically steering your method through the barriers. It’s likewise about discovering those concealed letters, secrets, and fruit that you require. Particularly if you’re wishing to 100 percent this video game.

To provide an example, you might gather a secret which opens a door. Inside that door is a match of armor that PacMan can use for a couple of seconds prior to it disappears. You require this armor to ruin the sharks and open the chests in the water. Nevertheless, if you do not time things effectively or make a minor mistake, you lack time. Either carry on to end up out the level or do the whole thing over once again and hope that you do not screw up. It’s a harsh system that prevailed in the early days of video gaming. And water constantly made things even worse.

The Bridge|Inside

If you’ve seen the video game Inside, however have not played it, you might be puzzled why it’s on this list. The world and story of Inside is rather unclear, however we get the sense that this is embeded in a dystopian world. The kid is being pursued and discovers himself within a factory-type setting. This is not the issue.


There is a lady, an animal, that is prowling down in the depths and you should prevent her at all expenses. Things begin simple for you, securely hid in a submarine. As long as you keep that light trained on the lady, she will keep away. Nevertheless, in the future you are required to enter the water and there is no submarine. Swim quick and press the best buttons and you’ll be house totally free … approximately you believe.

For me, among the worst minutes of Inside is the bridge. You are required to hang from completion of a chain, your toes skimming the surface area of the water, to entice the animal to you. Stay enough time for her to get close and bring up prior to she can get you, and after that go to the other end of the platform and swim as rapidly as you can, press the button and enter security. That minute was badly scary, needing you to believe and act rapidly. And what much better method to contribute to the problem than to put it under water?

Marshlands|Homeowner Evil 5

Citizen Evil is a well-liked series, with just a couple of unloved video games to mention. I understand that a lot of the Resi veterans speak inadequately of Resident Evil 5, however I need to state I really enjoyed this one. Chris Redfield is signed up with by a brand-new partner, Sheva. The zombie break outs have actually brought the set to Africa where they need to as soon as again chase the evasive Albert Wesker. To make things more made complex for Chris, his ex-partner, Jill Valentine, is rather potentially alive.

The brand-new co-op system was a great addition, and there were still a lot of contaminated to combat. However it remained in the Marshlands that things got fascinating.

It was no longer simply eradicating the contaminated locals, now we were required to get in the dirty water with the crocodiles. You may be rolling your eyes, however I believed it was a little scary acting with them. However this is still Resident Evil and Capcom could not let that be completion of it. So rather, you are required onto a little, wood raft while your partner pulls a crank. If your reflexes are all set, you may simply live. If not, you’ll be consumed by the huge crocodile lunging out of the water.

No-Man’s Wharf|Dark Souls II

If you recognize with the Souls series, you will understand lots of aspects of the franchise. Like, how the video games are deliberately ruthless, requiring gamers to git gud. Or that Siegmeyer is the very best NPC of the series no matter just how much you like Solaire. Which water is among the worst opponents of the video game that will ALWAYS eliminate you if it’s much deeper than 6 inches.

Get In Dark Souls 2.

State what you will about Dark Souls 2 since I do not truly care in either case. Did I enjoy it or did I dislike it? It was … all right. After playing through the whole Soulsborne series, I will state that it is my least preferred. However that’s not to state the video game is garbage. For example, No-Man’s Wharf is a truly cool level. Set on the beach, this town is something right out of Pirates of the Caribbean … if those films had lots of hollow opponents and darkdwellers.

And let’s not forget that scene with the ghost ship. However it’s the one in charge battle inside that brings problem. You will be dealing with the Flexile Sentry. This opponent is difficult, combating with double swords on one side and double maces on the other side. He lies in the berth of the ship and this ship likewise occurs to have a leakage. Take too long playing it safe versus this man, and the space will slowly fill with more water, decreasing your motions. Simply among the numerous methods, water has actually gotten us eliminated in Dark Souls.

Covering it up …

Whether you like or dislike water in computer game, it is certainly the aspect that tosses us off. As players, we can manage most things tossed our method. Combat opponent crowds in a cavern? Yeah, sure. It’s great. Handle the gods of Olympus with absolutely nothing however your bare hands and a sword? Cool.

We understand what to do in those scenarios. The video game has actually trained us for 10, 20, 70 hours on how to combat. It’s when we are put in water that the death count increases. In video games like Skyrim or Assassin’s Creed Origins, water is simply a quite design in a beautiful world. In these 7 video games, water is your opponent and eventually, your end.

Let me understand in the remarks listed below which water levels must have been on this list, and as constantly pleased video gaming!

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