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Life, basically, has actually been a whirlwind.

Back in April, Tim and I evacuated whatever we owned– or a minimum of, what was left after we offered and handed out numerous products– and made the relocation from southern living to the wild west, aka Oklahoma.

While this was no significant shift for me considering that I have actually resided in this part of the nation in the past, it was an entire brand-new experience for my other half. However within simply a brief quantity of time, we were settled in to our brand-new lives and felt right in your home in our little town.

Naturally, there was still plenty to be done. Leaving one state for another as a house owner equates to the “thrilling” job of offering your house. With a couple of obstacles, trials, and mistakes we lastly offered our home in a two-month period. Discovering a purchaser wasn’t the challenging part– homes are going quick in our location– however surviving the legalese of the leviathan procedure … well, that was our barrier. Contribute to that the truth that we were doing the deal a couple of states over and it produced one headache of a scenario. Tim can inform you (however most likely should not) how worried the entire thing made me. Wish to know among the significant reasons that?

Get in yet another element to our whirlwind summer season– a brand-new young puppy. Yep, we got a young puppy. And we both like him to pieces. For so long, I had actually wished to get a pup, however our life in Georgia never ever appeared to enable such an endeavor. Previous experience and research study rapidly informed me that it would be almost difficult to raise a pup under our previous scenarios, i.e., working a full-time task plus a 30-minute commute, many extracurricular dedications, and so on. The list went on. To sum all of it up, we were hectic and pups take a lot (and I imply A LOT) of time and effort. Hmm, I pick up a future post.

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So back to our present scenario, I was lastly to the location where I might raise a young puppy. However the issue was that perhaps, simply possibly, I got a little ahead of myself. To calm my interest, I started investigating Corgi breeders in our location. It was a great deal of Facebook and a little Google prior to I discovered a couple of possibilities. One breeder took place to have a litter that was prepared to go house and remained in close distance to our brand-new place. This stimulated something that declined to be splashed. Yet, as much as I wished to purchase among her present pups, I understood that it would not work.

Nevertheless, she was preparing for a litter in a couple of weeks and the pups would be all set for pickup in a couple of months. Perfect, right?

Well, her approaching litter wasn’t rather what I was expecting that made me wish to keep looking. Besides, that would have put our brand-new pup getting back at a troublesome time. So I kept looking. It was around that time that I found a breeder who was likewise nearby AND satisfied the requirements I was searching for in the litters AND she had a litter of young puppies born just a few weeks earlier. This was it. This was the breeder I wished to purchase from. And those pups? Charming. I required to purchase one.

However there was one little issue: our home had not offered yet.

Taking a leap of faith, I went all out. I figured out that things would exercise and we would be bringing among these little puppies house in a couple of weeks.

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Weeks passed. I got valuable updates from our selected breeder and I got great and problem on the selling of our house. Each time we got news it appeared that we were moving on in some method however the closing date constantly appeared to be pressed back.

Long story short, our home lastly offered and we brought our pup house– all in the very same week!

The tension was lastly over. Or was it?

If you’ve ever raised a pup, you understand how hard it can be. So yes, my summertime has actually truly been taken up with raising the child. However we’ve likewise done a couple of things like: take journeys to a wildlife reserve …

visited Oklahoma City …

and experienced the Chickasaw Arts Festival.

Oh, and we’ve made it through 2 different household gos to. (Just joking! The gos to were entirely pleasurable and we had a blast. Even Reuben havinged fun!)

So yes, I’ve had a lot going on for the previous couple of months, however I wished to state all that to get to this: the blog site is back. Life has actually transplanted and I’m all set to install my weekly posts once again. I’m very thrilled about what’s prepared for the coming weeks so make sure to keep your eye out for brand-new posts and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep upgraded on what’s brand-new. See you there????

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