City of Wishes | Cinderella Retold

Cinderella’s story has actually been informed and retold in almost every method you can possibly imagine … and yet, I do not think it’s ever been informed rather like this. In a world of magic, Cinderella will need to compete with a lot more than her wicked stepmother if she prepares to live gladly ever after. This is a story of faeries, vampires, and one woman’s journey to acquire liberty.

  • Title:City of Wishes
  • Author:Rachel Morgan
  • Category:Fantasy

The Summary

Cinderella retold: A human servant, a fae prince, and a Godmother who’ll approve any desire– if you pay the cost.

In a world of fae, vampires and shifters, where magic is genuine and dreams can be purchased and planned on, Elle is on society’s bottommost called: she’s human.

To make matters worse, she’s likewise a servant, bound to her stepmother by magic.

Her only hope at liberty is to long for it.

However the Godmother guidelines the unlawful dream trade, and the rate she requires is high.

Elle has actually never ever been desperate enough to summon her.


The Plot

City of Wishes is a Cinderella retelling, total with vampires, faeries, and shifters (i.e., individuals who can become dragons, wolves, and so on). While I have actually read my reasonable share of this story as informed by numerous authors, Rachel Morgan’s series handled to feel distinct.

Elle Winter’s story starts easy enough. She is a servant in her own house and desires absolutely nothing more than to acquire her flexibility. Usually, this is where the Cinderella story would advance; nevertheless, there’s a little issue. Elle is likewise being hunted by vampires, without any concept why.

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This is the beginning point, however it is definitely not the only elements of the plot. This series is 6 books long and plenty takes place along the method. It was a satisfying principle and I was absolutely invested to learn how it would end.

The only significant preconception of the series originated from the discussion. At numerous points the discussion felt weak or a bit ridiculous. It definitely didn’t break the unique, however I would have liked to see more powerful voices from our primary cast.

The Characters

Elle is the primary character of this story, though we do sometimes see things from other characters’ viewpoints. She is strong, identified, and sincere. Elle has the ability to hold her own even in the most difficult of scenarios, as shown by her life of enslavement. Damsels in distress are a trope that I do not miss out on in fiction, and fortunately Elle never ever turned into one.

While I would rule out Elle to by a vibrant character, she ended up being strong throughout the series.

Other characters in the story held their own also, when required; nevertheless, I would have liked to see more powerful secondary characters. For them to be offered more character, more powerful voices, and eventually a little bit more life. Even if it was simply in physical descriptors.

While I did delight in the cast of the City of Wishes series, there stayed space for enhancement.

The Verdict

If you enjoy fairy tale retellings, then you must have a look at Rachel Morgan’s City of Wishes. This variation of Cinderella was an enjoyable read, and differs as a distinct take on a traditional story. While the characters and discussion fall brief in some methods, there is still plenty to like.

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For additional information on this series, in addition to other books composed by Rachel Morgan, have a look at her site. Let me understand in the remarks listed below if you’ve checked out City of Wishes, and as constantly, delighted reading!

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