DIY Closet Remodel

There are lots of things that we require in life: food, water, shopping … wait, what? Ok, so possibly not shopping. However we do require a great deal of other things. On the other hand, there’s a great deal of things that are truly unneeded, however they sure do make life simpler. Like, a closet. It’s been 4 months considering that I moved into the brand-new home, and yes, the bedroom closet is lastly completed! It was truly rather a simple task, however when life is insane, it decreases your capability to get things done. Our closet has actually come a long method …

… everything started with eliminating the popcorn (oh, the popcorn)…

… to covering holes (and painting the door)…

… and lastly painting …

Once the walls were prepped, it was off to house depot. Prior to you travel, keep in mind to get a concept of how you desire the completed item to look. While you might desire your closet to look spectacular, you likewise need to bear in mind that it needs to be practical too. And do not forget to take measurements! Depending upon the size of your closet and how you’re preparing to design whatever, you might have the ability to purchase a few of the pieces currently cut to the best size. Although our closet determined 79″ long, we purchased products that were 72″ long (6′). This provided us a couple of inches on each side of the racks and such. For our closet, we purchased the following products:

  • ( 2) 1 × 12 6 feet pine boards
  • ( 2) 1.5″ 6 feet pine dowel rods
  • ( 8) white hanging brackets
  • # 8– 5/8″ screws
  • # 8– 2″ screws
  • Wood sealant
  • Paint brush
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Begin by gently sanding down any rough edges on your boards and dowel rods. You will desire it to be smooth. Next, take your wood sealant and put a light coat on the boards and dowel rods.

We utilized Varathane Triple Thick Polyurethane in the satin surface. It is extremely thick and dries rapidly. (With this action, you have 2 options. You can either stain the wood to be a various color prior to sealing it, or you can leave out the sealing procedure completely. It is not essential to seal the wood prior to utilizing it; nevertheless, we used a thin coat simply to assist secure the wood a little in addition to aid to smooth any of the roughness.) After using the polyurethane, enable it to dry. On the other hand, you can begin hanging the brackets in the closet.

You will require both a stud detector and a level for this part of the job. Initially, utilize the stud detector to find all the studs on the wall that you will be hanging the brackets from and mark with a pencil. Identify where you desire the brackets hung (how high, how low, and so on). Make certain that you do not hang them expensive or too low; otherwise, it will be extremely intriguing utilizing your closet every day???? Start with the very first bracket. Mark where you will be putting it on the wall and drill (2) 2″ screws in location. Now that you have your very first bracket connected to the wall, you can start utilizing it as a recommendation point for your other brackets. Utilizing the level, discover the appropriate places on the wall for your surrounding brackets, and mark those points with the pencil. Continue doing this with the staying brackets up until they have actually all been hung. This will be the more difficult part of the job.

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Next, you might put your board on top of the brackets. Center it throughout the 4 brackets, and after that utilize your 5/8″ nails to protect your board. We utilized 2 screws for each bracket (an overall of 8 for each board). Repeat for the other board.

For the dowel rod, just position it in the bracket and protect it with a single 5/8″ screw for each bracket. Repeat this action too for the other dowel rod.

You must now have actually a finished closet! Although this is a standard setup, it will permit a lot of wall mount area in addition to 2 racks for storage. Naturally, this might quickly be customized with other products, designs, and so on, however this is an excellent method to optimize your closet area and provide you an excellent looking closet.

(Note: We opted for crave our closet due to the additional toughness compared to composite products. The natural pine likewise offered the closet a great tidy appearance that assisted to keep it intense.)

(Note: For the screws, we discovered the Spax multi-construction product brand name. Not just was this the very best offer, however likewise it was practical to have actually something produced various structure products, considering that we were drilling through wood, dry wall, and so on)

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