Everything Wrong with Dark Souls 2

So you understand how I pointed out that I’m playing the Soulsborne series in reverse order? Well, I just recently ended up out the primary questline for Dark Souls 2 (still dealing with the DLC) and believed I would share a few of my ideas, i.e., dissatisfies with this video game.

Now I understand what you’re believing:

  • Dark Souls 2 is the worst in the series
  • Dark Souls 1 is the very best
  • Dark Souls 3 is the very best

Did I cover everybody? Okay here’s the important things. I have not played the initial Dark Souls yet so I can’t state this is the worst one. (Remember, I’m resolving the From Soft titles in reverse order). However I will state that it is my least favorite of the Soulsborne series that I have actually played. I’ve heard a number of individuals grumble about the video game, however none have actually provided reasons. So let’s have a look at a few of the glaring defects with DS2.

Disjointed Locations

Among the very first defects that emerged with Dark Souls 2 was the disjointed areas. I would work my method through a location, exterminating opponents and getting loot, and … lack roadway. There was no circulation or instant connection to the next area. In some cases I would roam around searching for the next location or hunt for the NPC who would assist get me there.

And thinking about that each place in Dark Souls 2 is not especially big, this took place on a regular basis.

I believe the minute this defect truly leapt out sought I finished the Lost Bastille. Working your method through the infinitesimal Belfry Luna and the Sinner’s Rise, your development forward simply stops. You reach a Primal Bonfire and … that’s it. For a few of you, you may have right away believed: oh, keep in mind conference Licia of Lindelt back at Heide’s Tower of Flame? Well, she carried on to the tunnel that causes Heide’s Tower. However NOW you can pay her 2,000 souls to open the course to Huntsman’s Copse.

I didn’t.

Yes, I understand that Dark Souls is implied to be checked out (and re-explored), however the disjointed places were simply irritating. It never ever seemed like the designers were motivating me to review locations; it simply seemed like bad level style.

Weak NPCs

My allegation is most likely unjust. Having actually played Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 prior to navigating to Dark Souls 2, I expect I set myself up for frustration. This video game was launched in 2014 after all. However after tiring all the discussion and doing my finest to satisfy everybody’s questlines, I need to state the NPCs were uninspired.

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There is no Doll or Fire Keeper. Rather we get the Emerald Herald who has to do with as boring as a stagnant cornflake. Other NPCs in the video game feed you stoic lines of discussion and offer a couple of good products or a brand-new gesture, the majority of which are quite unimpressive.

The very best character in the video game needed to be Lucatiel of Mirrah. As one of the couple of who really has a strong backstory and an intriguing questline, she was without a doubt the most remarkable.

On the other hand, Vendrick was the worst. You can state what you desire about other characters in DS2– they were bothersome, they were jerks, and so on– however Vendrick was the best dissatisfaction. Not due to the fact that of his voice acting or absence of cool items, however since of his questline.

You take a trip through a lot of Dark Souls 2 searching for the King’s Ring, gathering souls of the giant and capturing bits of tradition about this King Vendrick. When you lastly face him, he’s absolutely nothing more than a meaningless huge stumbling through the dark. He does not aggro unless provoked due to the fact that battling him is OPTIONAL. Yes, you can combat him and yes, you can get a couple of cool products if you win. However I anticipated the battle with Vendrick to be more important to the story. While he is a hard manager in some concerns (hits difficult and takes little damage), when you find out when to evade you’ll quickly take him down.

Underwhelming Locations

There are a lot of places that I might tirade about, however possibly the most aggravating of them all is Dragon Aerie/Shrine. From Soft truly let us down with this one. When I initially got here in Dragon Aerie, I felt frightened by all the dragons and the imposing rock developments. Going Into Dragon Shrine, I questioned what hazards would await me the even more I went. After removing a couple of Drakekeepers, you proceed to a grand castle, just to pass directly through it. What had actually seemed a tremendous brand-new location to check out ended up being absolutely nothing.

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As abovementioned, Dark Souls has to do with expedition. Places such as Iron Keep advise us that even DS2 understands this. However the absence of opponents, loot, and level advancement in numerous of the places produced an underwhelming experience. Integrate this with the disjointed locations and there weren’t many satisfying locations in Dark Souls 2.

Other locations of dissatisfaction consist of, however are not restricted to: Cathedral of Blue, Belfry Sol, Drangleic Castle … Boss Fights

In Dark Souls 3, there was a specific design to each manager battle. Sure they each had their special armor sets and move sets, however you had a specific expectation when you strolled through the fog gate.

In Dark Souls 2, nevertheless, the designers took every concept that entered your mind and executed it in this video game. The most frustrating battles were the Royal Rat Vanguard and the Covetous Demon. One is generally battling a crowd of semi-intelligent small opponents and the other is Dark Souls’ variation of Jabba the Hutt. There was a randomness to the battles, and none were especially excellent.

To make it even worse, removing in charges in Dark Souls 2 was too simple. And I do not imply that gamers require to be penalized every action of the method. It’s simply that the one in charge’ relocation sets were sluggish and simple to evade. Periodically, I would pass away and need to attempt once again, however there were often times when I beat a manager on my very first shot. I recognize that you can up the problem with bonfire ascetic or by playing NG+, and so on, however that would just increase the damage taken/given, consequently not repairing the concern. Among the most satisfying elements of the Soulsborne video games is the one in charge battles, and Dark Souls 2 simply didn’t provide.

Average Storyline

From Software is infamous for its elaborate tradition and unlimited backstory, however with Dark Souls 2, there wasn’t much to go on. You play as a cursed hollow attempting to modify your fate. Along the method, you will be entrusted with looking for King Vendrick so that you can connect the flame (or not).

The plot is what we would anticipate from a Dark Souls title, however maybe it was the execution of it. The weak NPCs, the uninspired manager battles, and the underwhelming areas made me actually not care what the story had to do with. And King Vendrick (see above point) didn’t include anything to the story.

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If you have Scholar of the First Sin, you will be confronted with an option instead of the direct course. It will not make much of a distinction in either case, nevertheless– both options end the video game. While I do not anticipate prolonged cutscenes or sophisticated story advancement from the Soulsborne series, DS2 was a pull down. Gameplay will be what brings me back to Majula, not the story behind it.


Okay, so there are a great deal of glaring defects with this video game. I discussed simply 5 of them and I make certain you are clutching the screen shrieking that I excluded defects x, y, and z. If I left something out, drop it in the remarks listed below so I can see what annoyed you about Dark Souls 2.

However in all sincerity– even with all the important things I didn’t delight in about the video game– I still had a good time playing it. It was improperly performed, however From Soft actually attempted to change things up. They incorporated distinct employers and made the mechanics a bit more fluid from the initial title. There is still a lot of defamation, parrying, getting into rubbish to be had and yes, I will be back to play it once again. (Probably on NG+).

No, I will not point out Dark Souls 2 as being the worst video game in the Soulsborne series, however I will state that it is my least preferred up until now. Applaud the Sun for Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne!

Let me understand your ideas on the video game listed below and as constantly, pleased video gaming.

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