Fleece Bedding: The Review

It has actually been a number of months now given that I initially started utilizing fleece bed linen in location of pine shavings. If you want to check out why I changed, read my earlier post here. There have actually absolutely been some modifications made to my normal regimen. Even now, I’m discovering what works best for my 2 pigs, however it has actually been fascinating to compare the old methods to this brand-new innovation. And with a lot buzz over this things, I could not withstand attempting it. So let me show you a few of the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing fleece bed linen.


Among the greatest benefits to utilizing fleece bed linen is that it is recyclable, making this an excellent cash saver. No longer do I need to hurry out to the shop to invest anywhere from $6-13 on a single bag of pine bed linen. Obviously there will be the preliminary expense of buying the fleece and some kind of absorbent pad to position below. Attempt to acquire the fleece from a craft shop, either huge box or regional. Among the chain craft shops will most likely provide you the very best offer nevertheless. I initially shopped my fleece from Walmart as a kind of benefit … hahaha. After standing in the material department for around 10 minutes and nobody pertaining to assist me, I chose it wasn’t worth it. Not to discuss I saw that the fleece was blemished and bad quality. Hhmm … so I went to Joann’s rather. Now the fantastic feature of going to Joann’s or Hobby Lobby is the vouchers. You can generally get about 40-50% off your product. Joann’s will often have a 50% off sale on fleece it appears like, so in between either having the discount coupon or the sale your fleece need to just be around $5 per backyard. (And this is the anti-pill fleece we’re discussing. Ensure this is what you get.)

For the absorbent pad, you have a number of alternatives, however the very best choice will be the U-Haul Furniture Pads. They’re constructed of recycled jeans and they work terrific and are extremely absorbent. And, may I likewise include that they’re simply under $8 a piece. Thinking about that you’ll be recycling these, they’re going to offer you the very best offer for your cash. The mix of the fleece and the furnishings pads enables you to quickly alter out both and toss them in the wash. A fast run through the washer and clothes dryer and they’re excellent to go. Up until now I have actually purchased 2 furnishings pads and 2 different backyards of fleece for even quicker and much easier clean-ups.

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So how does fleece compare to pine bed linen, i.e., conventional bed linen? It is way more absorbent. With pine shavings, I required to clear out the cage daily. By the end of the day, the bed linen was damp, suggesting anything touching it may likewise get damp. The factor that fleece was selected, rather of any other kind of material, was because of its capability to wick away moisture. Prior to utilizing your fleece you will require to run it through the washer for a couple of cycles. This breaks down the fleece’s capability to leave wetness resting on top. You will understand the fleece is all set for usage once the wetness leaks through, leaving the fleece dry and soaking up into the furnishings pad. Pretty cool, best?

Smell Control

So here’s where some individuals might encounter an issue. Some individuals might discover the fleece to have less smell control. And to a particular degree, yes, this is appropriate. You actually can’t beat the odor of fresh pine bed linen, or perhaps the paper bed linen with included baking soda. However what it boils down to is how prepared are you to keep the cage tidy? No matter what kind of bed linen you utilize, there can be a smell accumulation if the cage is not cleaned up properly/regularly. For the pine bed linen, I needed to clean it out daily since of the absorbency problem, so I never ever had a possibility to let it sit for a number of days to inspect the smell. I likewise needed to clean the cage on a weekly basis due to the dampness making its method to the cage flooring. With the fleece bed linen, you might require to discover a method to get a few of the waste and any food off of the bed linen to keep things tidy; nevertheless, you might have the ability to go 2-3 days depending upon how unclean it ends up being. You might likewise have the ability to go longer without cleaning the cage itself due to the fact that there will not be any moisture leaking through. I will typically alter out the fleece and the furnishings pad two times a week (as in every 3-4 days). This assists to keep the cage tidy in addition to the smell down. By following this approach, I generally do not discover any smells with the fleece bed linen.

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After having actually utilized pine bed linen for so long, fleece bed linen appeared to be a lot simpler. I no longer have pieces of pine shavings all over the flooring (or home). It is likewise a lot easier when it comes time to alter out the bed linen. Cleaning up the cage is a lot easier without having all the bits of shavings and moisture on the cage flooring. There are numerous benefits to utilizing fleece over pine. From my experience up until now, my home and the cage have actually been much cleaner because I changed. For those of you who have long-haired guinea pigs, you might likewise value fleece bed linen. My very first guinea pig (who occurred to have long hair) utilized to have a tough time keeping pine shavings from getting twisted in his fur, even with hair trimmings.


In case you have not discovered, fleece bed linen will work best if you own a washer and clothes dryer. At my old home, I did not have this high-end, which partly added to my being reluctant to make the switch. If you make as couple of journeys to the coin laundry as possible, you might not wish to utilize fleece. That is, unless you purchase a big stock of fleece and furnishings pads and let the unclean ones accumulate in the corner. Eeww … So as you can see, you’ll most likely wish to have access to your own washer rather. Aside from that, there’s truly absolutely nothing challenging about utilizing fleece. Lots of people delight in purchasing numerous pieces of fleece so they can have different patterns and colors, such as vacation styles etc. And in general, my piggies appear to like it. They appear to delight in the soft texture and have not revealed any problems. The only thing I have actually discovered is that they utilized to delight in chewing on/eating the pine shavings. Now that they no longer have that in their cage, I have actually attempted to provide a lot of other alternatives to chew on.

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So how do I like fleece bed linen in general? I like it! This is truly the very best kind of bed linen on the “market” today. Besides a couple of small problems, such as less smell control, I have actually discovered fleece to be practical and valuable. After utilizing fleece for the previous a number of months, I truly have no problems and have every intent of continuing to utilize this things. So how about you? Have you ever attempted it? What did you believe? Do not hesitate to share in the remark area listed below!


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