Hilarious Words You Can Call Your Roommates: Pune Edition

Hilarious Words You Can Call Your Roommates: Pune Edition

Are you a real Punekar yet, if you’re not using this lingo with your friends or roommates? Well dip into the friendship vocabulary of Pune with these words:


Bhaudya means brother from another mother. This term can be used while referring to your best friend, or the friend who helped you save money by introducing you to rental furniture. This term is a bestie certified term only to be used for friends who actually mean a lot to you. 


This is for all your homies that come over to your place and chill. You can call this term to anyone you find a close friendship bond with. Also, this term can be used casually with new friends as well, without any additional strings attached. 


Have you ever met a person with poor decisions? No matter what the situation they always choose the incorrect option. For example, the friends who always forget to carry their driving license, or the friends who forget that they don’t have to buy a new bed every time they move to a new place. You can call these friends Ratalya, a.k.a stupid, and also please do let them know about good rental furniture which can help save them money. 


Even a month older can make your friend eligible for being called Dadaya, which means elderly. These friends are an encyclopedia full of outdated concepts, and as a new generation friend it is your responsibility to make them familiar with all the new terms, concepts, and lingo.  

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Has your friend done something silly but you couldn’t find an expression to perfectly display your emotion? Well, you can just call them Kelya. For example, a friend who pays extra for moving their furniture from one place to another falls into this category. 


This friend is the Bill Gates of your group. Nope, not because of their intelligence, but rather because of the amount of money they have and spend. Although a true Sheth friend is the one who saves money by reducing unnecessary expenses and rather invests it all smartly in other ventures.


Caution, do not use this word in a fight with your friend no matter how tempted you are. This word describes someone who is just a fool and all their actions point out their stupidity. You can call them this word in a light and fun way though. 


These are the people who are clumsy as hell. They can mess up the tiniest of the tasks with their butter fingers or absent mind. One of the examples can be spilling tea or coffee on your sofa. With these friends around you have to be particularly careful about your furniture, and their condition. 

Comment your favorite word below, and don’t forget to inform your friends about rental furniture websites that can help them save money as well as provide adequate support with every piece of furniture they rent. 

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