Life With a Corgi

Life has actually been a little insane. With the current relocation, the selling of our home, and the brand-new young puppy, it’s safe to state I’ve been a little preoccupied.

However speaking of the brand-new pup, I believe it’s time that you lastly got presented. Meet Reuben:

He’s 100% Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Yes, he’s complete Corgi. Many individuals are shaken off by the Tri Color markings, however this is an accepted pigmentation acknowledged by the AKC. And if you understand anything about Corgis you’ve got a respectable concept of what his character resembles. We chose him up at the end of June from a fantastic breeder that was incredibly handy. He was 9 weeks old and weighed about 7 pounds. He’s now 6 months old and weighs about 20 pounds!

It’s been fantastic to see him grow and grow from a small young puppy into a pet. Although I’ve had him for just a few months, it feels as though it’s been a lot longer. Reuben appeared to fit right in and end up being a part of the household.

I believed today’s post would be an excellent chance to share a couple of things that I’ve found out about Corgis since whatever I’ve ever found out about the type is precise. Whether you’re interested in bringing a Corgi into your own house or you merely would like to know more about the type, continue reading.

High Energy

You may believe this is something that can be ignored or that since a Corgi has brief legs he will not do much. While this might end up being real in his older age, as a pup Corgis will be all over. Running around, playing, chewing– he’ll do it all particularly throughout puppyhood.

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However a healthy adult Corgi will be a high-energy canine too. Corgis are active and need both physical and psychological stimulation. Every day. If you’re unable to devote, you’ll require to discover a various type. Notification that I stated both physical and psychological stimulation. If you can’t offer both, you’ll have a damaging young puppy in your house. An exhausted pup is an acted young puppy.


Yes, there’s no rejecting that Corgis are amusing little pets. Reuben makes me laugh with his insane shenanigans. Like how he has fun with his bed rather of sleeping on it. Or how he chases after crickets and spiders when I take him out in the evening. Corgis wonder about the world around them and they would like to know what whatever is. Even if it implies consuming it.

Reuben follows me throughout your house, checking brand-new locations and checking out brand-new smells. Bear in mind that this interest will trigger Corgis to bite, smell, and bark at things they do not comprehend.


This is something that I have not totally skilled yet, however I understand that it is coming. I have actually currently started to discover “Corgi shine” on my clothing and around your home. If you choose to not have pet dog fluffies entering every space of your house, you might require to think about a various, less furry type.

Nevertheless, if canine hair does not trouble you, a Corgi’s coat is gorgeous. The thick undercoat is soft and thick and their overcoat is fairly proficient at fending off water and drying rapidly. This produces fast dry times after a bath.

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Corgis are very wise which can be both excellent and bad.

Bad since you will need to discover methods to outmaneuver them throughout their puppy phase training. They rapidly discover where things are or attempt to get to that thing they’re not expected to have.

On the other hand, potty training has actually been a breeze. It was fantastic to see how rapidly Reuben discovered what to do. After simply a couple of days he was well on his method to having this all-too-necessary ability under his belt. Sure there were mishaps along the method, however he never ever dealt with the idea. When we had a gameplan in location, the rest was simple.

In addition to house breaking, Reuben was likewise fast to discover his fundamental commands such as sit, down, and remain. Mind you he was discovering these within the very first week he was house. Needless to state, Reuben’s Corgi mind mastered his Puppy Level 1 class at Petco.


The most charming quality of a Corgi is their social nature. Reuben follows me from the living-room to the cooking area and vice versa. The drawback is that Corgis wish to be any place their individuals are, even when they can’t be.

This can posture issues such as separation stress and anxiety and will need additional training and motivation on your part. This is by no implies a deal-breaker, however it is something you will require to be gotten ready for. Reuben was constantly a more aloof young puppy, even when he was with his littermates. As an outcome, he hasn’t revealed indications of separation stress and anxiety, however he still likes to be around the action. To sum it up, if you desire a caring pet dog, a Corgi would be an excellent alternative to think about.

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Yes, Corgis are a singing type. Possibly not to the degree that hounds are, however they still understand how to interact. They will bark to get your attention, when they play, and to inform you off. Unlike other little types, a Corgi’s bark will look like the bark of a bigger type canine with its much deeper tone.

If you do not desire a pet dog that barks, you will either need to deal with your Corgi on training him to be less (not totally) peaceful or stick to another, quieter type.

So I hope you’ve taken pleasure in a couple of Corgi realities and getting a correct intro to Reuben. You’ll be seeing a lot more of him on the blog site and social networks. Thanks for reading. Have a terrific week!

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