One Year in the New House

Well, it has actually had to do with a year considering that we moved into our home. A lot has actually occurred, consisting of a great deal of DIY tasks and restorations. I believed I would assemble a post to wrap up a few of our biggest accomplishments and take a look at some prior to and after minutes. So let’s stroll down memory lane … Flooring

How could I not begin with the floor covering in this post? When we purchased your house, the carpet remained in awful condition and was filled with undesirable smells, discolorations, and other such kinds of disrepair. It was quite bad, and I’m quite sure there’s no other way I would have moved into this home without the carpet being altered initially. And in the cooking area, the vinyl wasn’t doing far better. Altering out the floor covering truly enhanced the appearance (and odor!) of your house. Here’s a couple of prior to and after shots!

Closet Makeover

If you’ve been following my blog site, you’ve seen my closet remodelling. I’m unfortunate to state I didn’t get an excellent prior to photo, however I offseted it with my after shots. After going a couple of months without a closet, I was so prepared to be able to unload whatever and hang it up. And Tim did such a fantastic task with the entire job. We removed the lightweight plastic shelving that was badly hung, and changed it with durable pine boards and rods, both enhancing the appearance and the performance of the area. See the complete post here.

Popcorn Finish (Removal)

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never ever, been painted. While this benefits eliminating the popcorn it likewise suggests that almost-20-year-old ceilings have actually never ever been painted. And potentially never ever cleaned up. The ceilings had actually handled an aged, filthy appearance ended up with cobwebs, cigarette smoke spots, and other such “beautiful” touches. And the popcorn surface wasn’t precisely ideal either. So needless to state, I felt that the ceiling required a lot more than a little paint to repair its issues. While we’re still working our method through this task, we’ve handled to achieve a lot, consisting of completing our living-room rose ceiling. And what a distinction it makes! I can not wait to paint the walls in this space. Wish to see more? Have a look at more posts on this task here and here.


When it concerns paint, our home is an atrocity. Not always due to the fact that of the paint colors themselves, however due to the fact that of how they were used. Let’s simply state that whoever painted this home most likely didn’t have any experience and didn’t put much effort into it. Fortunately, Tim understands how to paint and your home is gradually looking much better. Your house has actually been one huge painting experience. Up until now doors, ceilings, closets, and trim have actually been painted, however there’s still a lot to do, consisting of the most fundamental part: the walls!


We’ve by no methods overlooked the beyond our home either. When we discovered some adorable lights at a reduced cost, we understood how terribly we required to change our outside lights on the home. They were filthy and mismatched and had actually just recently quit working completely. Setting up the brand-new lights was not just useful, however likewise quite.

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The more I take a look at Pinterest, the more I recognize I have a truly long list of things I wish to do to your house. Among my more current ventures was to paint the shutters. I might not think the distinction it made. Our shutters had actually ended up being so rinsed by the sun that they were barely serving as an accent. They were nearly simply mixing into your home itself. Utilizing some spray paint we currently had, the shutters got rejuvenated an abundant shade of burgundy and now function as a pop of color on the front of our home. See the complete job here.

Mail box

For many people, a mail box is absolutely nothing more than a practical product. For me, my mail box is a method to accent my home and make individuals state, “Wow!” Instead of purchase a brand-new one, I chose to spruce up what we had and conserve a little cash at the same time. After staining the post, painting the mail box, and including some brand-new numbers, our mail box is display prepared. Complete post on what we did here.

I hope you delighted in seeing simply a few of our remodellings we’ve handled to do over the previous year. There are many more job prepared for this home and I can not wait to reveal you what’s next.

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