Scythe: The Review

Whatever you might be thinking of Scythe, I would suggest you leave your presumptions here. There is extremely little that is normal or anticipated in this story. Not exactly sure if that’s excellent or bad? Read my evaluation to discover.

The Summary

Embed in a futuristic world where illness, aging, and death have actually been removed, humanity has actually achieved excellence. The capability to live permanently has actually been opened. That is, unless you’re obtained. The scythes are untouchable, working as the natural procedure of death. When Citra and Rowan are selected for the positions of a scythe’s apprentice, neither of them desires the job.

The Plot

I will start by stating that the plot of Scythe is an intriguing one. There are numerous instructions Shusterman might have taken it, however I am so delighted that he went where he did. When I initially started the book, I doubted. Truthfully, I wasn’t sure what to anticipate and the story didn’t grip me from page one. I wasn’t at first taken part in the aspects of the story. The opening scenes present readers to our primary lead characters, Citra and Rowan, and slowly set the phase. Although the characters do no at first understand what is going to take place, you as the reader currently do, to a particular degree. As they are ultimately used the opportunity to end up being apprentices with Scythe Faraday, it comes as not a surprise. The next couple of chapters appear as though they will continue, uneventfully, to the end. Nevertheless, much to my pleasure, the author did not adhere to the anticipated course, enabling a gratifying plot twist. When I got rid of that obstacle, the more I went the more I wished to learn what would occur next.

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Forget what you believe you understand about scythes. Leave your presumptions. Your education starts today.

(Scythe, p. 48)

Scythe is so unlike anything I’ve ever checked out prior to. Instead of the scythes being dark, legendary animals, they are really represented as something exceptional and are connected with light. If you have any understanding of folklore referring to scythes, you can practically toss it out the window for this story. While I at first believed this to be an unfavorable thing, I pertained to take pleasure in the twist to an old myth. By providing scythes in a more human, favorable method, much of the characters were satisfying to check out, making it that a lot easier to buy their lives and their stories.

As the plot advances, readers rapidly recognize that not all scythes are merged in their approaches of gleaning. While some still hold on to the old customs, some scythes have actually picked a more vicious course, ending up being killers rather of scythes. As the lead characters discover themselves extended in between the 2 sides, they are required to make choices that might impact both themselves and others.

Although you might get a little disenchanted with the very first part of the story, I motivate you to keep reading. It wasn’t up until nearly the middle that I truly started taking pleasure in Scythe. The shift in instructions assisted the story to feel more intriguing. However it was the ending that made me wish to share this evaluation with you today. The climax stunned me and truly offered the required punch to the ending.

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The Characters

Citra: As the female lead character, Citra plays the part well. She is the strong, independent woman who can look after herself and does not constantly understand when to stop talking. Initially, I believed possibly she would play into the stereotyped female function. Yet, much to my pleasure, as the book reaches a turning point in the plot and Citra starts dealing with Scythe Curie, Citra’s real character starts to shine through. She is still vibrant and brave, yet she is likewise thoughtful and thoughtful. She discovers what it really implies to be a scythe. It was this steady modification that made me like Citra as a lead character. Her dedication to do best and effort to alter the bad worldwide produces a terrific story.

The visitor’s intonation provided him away. Resonant and inescapable, like the dull toll of an iron bell, positive in the capability of its peal to reach all those who required reaching. Citra understood prior to she even saw him that it was a scythe.

(Scythe, p. 5)

Rowan: There is a lot that might be stated about Rowan, yet I do not wish to distribute excessive for those of you who have not check out Scythe. While Citra was a vibrant character, Rowan was a lot more so. Long prior to readers see a modification in Citra, they see it in Rowan. To see him establish from a newbie apprentice to a solidified fighter was engaging. By the end, readers are not exactly sure whether Rowan is the still the exact same character they understood or if he has actually been damaged by his master. Kincaid’s representation of Rowan’s battles and trials was masterfully done, quickly making him my preferred in between the 2 lead characters. My only problem is that a lot more of the book appeared to concentrate on Citra instead of Rowan. Naturally, this was done purposefully to keep readers in the dark about Rowan and just expose required updates when required. Nevertheless, I would have delighted in diving deeper into Rowan’s story.

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Rowan felt the shock of the punch, the rugged bolt of discomfort, and awaited the obvious heat of his nanites launching pain-killing opiates into his blood stream. However relief didn’t come. Rather the discomfort swelled.

(Scythe, p. 214)


For my material score, I have no grievances.

Language: very little. Sensuality: none.

Violence: Well, this is a book about death and scythes and killing (aka obtaining in the book) so I expect you might state that there is a good quantity of violence in Scythe. I will state that it was dealt with extremely well. Absolutely nothing appeared to be gruesome or extremely dark, still feeling really teen-appropriate. To be safe, I would not suggest this book for anybody listed below 15 approximately, simply due to the violence.

So that’s my evaluation of Scythe. If you have not read this book, do not be turned away by the title. I do acknowledge that the plot might sound weird and the title perhaps even more so, however I think this book deserves the read. It was amazing and even heartfelt sometimes. Do not pass this one up! If you have actually read it, let me understand what your ideas remained in the remarks listed below.

Delighted reading!

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