Every year, players, critics, and designers talk up the AAA titles. Throughout the web and social networks, we find out about the extremely expected video games. However someplace in the middle of all the sound, we lose out on some incredible titles.

Tales of Berseria is among those.

Now, I understand that the Tales series has actually been around for several years which lots of players have actually played them a time or 2. Yet, I never ever truly heard anybody discussing this one. So taking a little an opportunity, I selected it up and put a couple of hours in.

And considering that a few of you have more than likely not played it prior to (or perhaps considered playing it), here are my impressions of Tales of Berseria.


While Tales of Berseria shows a really standard anime design, from the characters to the world around them, every aspect is likewise clearly Berseria. Comparing this video game to the ones prior to it, it plainly has its own design. The only manner in which I can believe to explain it is that it is more fully grown. I will speak about the story later on, however it is a story of vengeance and a lot of the characters are quite mournful. Bandai created a video game that fit the style.

Whatever from the character style to the user interface to the level style is a cohesive, vibrant whole.

There are some players who have actually slammed Berseria’s world for being too empty; nevertheless, this is likewise simply basic JRPG format. To me, there are a lot of pick-ups, opponents, and gorgeous landscapes to keep me engaged and I have not gotten tired. Yet.


If I were to summarize the gameplay for Tales of Berseria it would be this: enjoyable.

I understand that might be excessively simple, however it’s the very best word to explain it. The video game begins in Velvet’s home town, permitting gamers to get adjusted to a few of the more fundamental controls, and ultimately presenting some fight. Soon, you are getting away a jail, passing through away lands, and checking out brand-new towns. The pacing for Berseria keeps things fresh and fascinating. With video games like this, it’s essential to stabilize the quantity of time invested battling and robbery, and advancing the story or talking with NPCs.

The Tales series has actually been choosing years, so it’s not a surprise that Berseria mastered that balance. Simply as I’m starting to burn out of combating (or even worse, lack products) my characters have actually gotten to their next port.

Nevertheless, I do wish to discuss the fight particularly since this is where a few of my problems been available in. From the starting to numerous hours in, the video game will toss tutorial after tutorial, idea after suggestion, at its gamers. As a newbie to the Tales series, it felt frustrating to be provided a lot details. Each of your characters can be designated various relocations (Artes). There are unique relocations you can carry out. You can put characters on handbook or automated. You can switch out which character you’re playing as. On and on.

Yeah, there’s a lot. However the factor I have an issue with all of this is not since the battle is extremely intricate, however rather simply the quantity of information you get. As I entered the video game, combating various opponents, I recognized that the fight is in fact quite fundamental. To me (up until now) it’s been a great deal of button mashing. Yes, you can appoint particular attacks that deal additional damage to specific opponents, however the small opponents are quite simple to beat so the majority of the time I’ve discovered it unneeded. And I’ve likewise discover myself combating with Velvet instead of the other celebration members. I choose her battle design and likewise her as a character.

While you can find out all of the battle strategies and go on to master them, it has yet to feel required. Maybe when I get further into the video game, it will end up being essential. Up until then, I will keep button mashing.


As enjoyable as the gameplay might be, and as spectacular as the graphics are, it’s eventually the story that draws me in.

Things start pleased enough. Velour lives the excellent life with her coach and sickly bro. It’s a time of relative calm, although her town resides in worry of the demonblight dispersing. However aside from that, it’s a tranquil, basic town. Nevertheless, when things take an extremely dark turn, all of that ends. Velour loses whatever and gains satanic force powers while doing so. From this point forward, her story shifts to among hatred and vengeance, a much darker style than the Tales video games prior to it.

And as just a JRPG can do, I discover myself feeling all of Velvet’s feelings right together with her. You feel grief and sorrow, anger and retribution.

However as much as I’ve delighted in Velvet’s journey, JRPGs likewise never ever adhere to one character. As you slowly fulfill brand-new individuals and obtain brand-new celebration members, you gradually understand that each of them has their own story to inform. What might start as a ridiculous (and even bothersome) character ultimately becomes a genuine individual with a tough background and you can’t assist however feel sorry for them.

Last Thoughts

Up until now, Tales of Berseria has actually been an extraordinary journey. From the story, to the graphics, to the gameplay, it is an experience worth taking. Bandai Namco is a business that has actually been around for several years, making a few of my preferred video games on the marketplace. If you have yet to play this one, do not think twice.

Let me understand in the remarks listed below if you’ve played Tales of Berseria, and as constantly, delighted video gaming!


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