The Deceiver’s Heart | The Review

If you took pleasure in Jennifer Nielsen’s unique, The Traitor’s Video game, you will be pleased to understand that the follow up is now offered. The Deceiver’s Heart is up for evaluation today and it’s time to see how it compares to its predecessor.

  • Title:The Deceiver’s Heart
  • Author:Jennifer A. Nielsen
  • Page Count:372
  • Category:YA dream

The Summary

Kestra has the Olden Blade– the only weapon efficient in eliminating Lord Endrick and putting his gruesome routine to an end. However when her objective stops working and her memories are removed away, she will need to remember who she is if there’s any hope of beating Endrick. On the other hand Simon, who is ranging from his own fate, should do what he can to keep back the Dominion prior to it squashes Antora.

The Plot

What started as an easy kidnapping in The Traitor’s Game, has actually intensified into a video game of deceptiveness and death. Kestra and Simon are back in the follow up, and this time there was far more concentrate on plot advancement and action. While I took pleasure in the previous story, I enjoyed this one more.

As prior to discussed, Kestra’s memories have actually been taken, thanks to Lord Endrick. She no longer understands who Simon is or what their history has actually been. This developed an intriguing vibrant to the follow up that enabled readers to relive a few of those minutes in between the 2 where Kestra is the oblivious Dallisor who desires absolutely nothing to do with a Corack. Nevertheless, the issue with this was that parts of the book felt recurring. Her mistrust and unpredictability towards Simon– yet the awakening pull towards him– was something we covered in book one.

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The good news is, this did not penetrate the whole story and the plot handled to redeem itself as soon as this part of the book was passed. Versus our heroes’ dreams, their fates are driving them apart. Extremely rapidly, Kestra discovered herself fighting through her own battles while Simon was off handling his. Since I do not usually take pleasure in love in books, their separation enhanced the plot, instead of prevented it. I understand the backward and forward of will-they-won’t-they can drive some individuals mad, and in some cases I feel that method too. Nevertheless, in The Deceiver’s Heart, I believe it enabled the story to breathe a little, to have more liberty in what occurred next without continuous bantering and kissing.

Possibly my preferred minute in Deceiver’s Heart is within the climax. As the injustice of the Dominion grows more powerful and the disobedience is required to combat back, readers see Nielsen’s proficiency of storytelling. The action scenes were overflowing with stress and seriousness. And now, I am simply waiting on book 3’s release.

The Characters

In The Deceiver’s Heart we do start to see a brand-new side to Kestra, which is a welcome modification. Due to the fact that of her scenarios and whatever that is going on, she is focusing more on the dispute and less on Simon’s presence. She is more powerful this time around, and more identified to do what is required. Overcoming her damaged memory tests her willpower, however Kestra has actually never ever been one to pull back.

Simon, on the other hand, is still caught in his enthusiast’s hypnotic trance, consuming over Kestra– up until he chooses he does not. With everybody advising him to declare the Halderian throne, it appears that there is just one alternative. Nevertheless, there is excessive at stake and excessive to lose. The crown would just bring issues and permanently serious his possibilities of being with the one he enjoys. It takes up until the 2nd half of the story for his character arc to truly establish and once it did, I completely enjoyed his side of the story.

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Nevertheless, among my preferred additions to The Deceiver’s Heart was the attention provided to a few of the secondary characters. Trina and a couple of others got some additional spotlight, bringing an additional vibrant to the plot. Characters that I had actually ignored in book one were unexpectedly becoming my favorites, and I felt more bought their arcs.

Obviously, the characters are not without their defects. Simply as the plot sometimes felt recurring, so too did the discussion sometimes. Throughout the book, there are repetitive arguments that never ever make headway. Each of the characters appears to have their own program and a favored approach for accomplishing stated objective. Yet none concur with each other so it degenerates into a great deal of bickering. Generally what drives the characters from speaking to action is an opponent attack. The heroes are pushed into fight and the result leads to a brand-new advancement and a particular alternative. While I took pleasure in the characters in general, a few of their discussion felt dull.

The Verdict

The Deceiver’s Heart is a busy, daring unique with more action and less love than book one. With strong character advancement and regular plot twists, Jennifer Nielsen provided a gratifying follow up to her readers. Though there are a couple of defects such as the recurring discussions and plot points, it’s certainly worth the read, particularly if you liked The Traitor’s Game.

Let me understand in the remarks listed below if you prepare to check out The Deceiver’s Heart, or if you currently have, what were your ideas on the story? As constantly, delighted reading!

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