The Magic of Laurence Yep’s Stories

Having actually discovered my love of reading at a young age, I started my bookish experiences with kids’s stories. Although I had actually read books for a couple of years, it wasn’t up until I came across Laurence Yep that I found my enthusiasm for books.

For those of you who are not familiar with this author, Laurence Yep was born in San Francisco in 1948. After going to and finishing from college, Yep pursued his profession as an author. For the next numerous years, he composed and released numerous books, mainly in kids’s literature.

However it was his 1995 release, Dragon’s Gate, that hooked me in, and I have not had the ability to stop checking out considering that. I credit Laurence Yep as the author that presented me to this literary world, and I think the credit is well-deserved. If you’ve never ever become aware of him, or if you’ve never ever checked out among his books, here is what you’ve been missing out on.

Chinese Culture

As a Chinese-American author, Laurence Yep has a noticeably various method of storytelling. Each of his books provides characters and animals either from China or a descendant of that culture.

Throughout my youth, when I initially found his work, I was immediately attracted by the culture. Dragons, magic, and migration were all typical styles of his stories. With today’s market, variety is a lot more prevalent in literature. Authors of numerous citizenships are composing stories for kids of their birth places. However at a time when this wasn’t the standard, Yep composed and released various stories that handled what it implied to be a Chinese American. And how these characters not just suit to the American society, however likewise how they saw their heritage.

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To capture a little look of another’s history is mind-blowing, while likewise seeming like a grand experience.


Laurence Yep is a varied author. While he composes for a more youthful audience, his books shift in between truth and dream. Stories such as the Dragon of the Lost Sea series ended up being quick favorites of mine. These were stories that provided a cast of heroes stuck within an issue. Throughout the course of the unique, they would need to resolve the issue and attempt to endure.

Their journeys would take them on long treks throughout deserts, forests, and oceans. Dragons and magic were the typical; wicked bad guys were anticipated. Yep is a master writer who develops fantastical worlds with high stakes. Years after I’ve checked out the books, I keep in mind the magic, and I keep in mind why I love his work.


Nevertheless, not all of these stories are focused around dream. A lot of these stories concentrate on reality situations with relatable characters.

Kid of the Owlnarrated of a girl who discovers what it indicates to be Chinese. As she hangs out around her grandma, she discovers of her heritage and who her household was. Other stories within the Golden Mountain Chronicles series handle comparable subjects, however from various characters’ viewpoints. This series appears as though it would interest any young reader going through this kind of battle; yet it is likewise informative for anybody who is on the exterior.

Hidden Themes

Within each of Laurence Yep’s stories, there are underlying styles. In his dream titles, we see bravery, trust, and relationship. In his modern books, we see household, belonging, and exemption.

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The plots and settings never ever dissatisfy in a Laurence Yep unique, however it’s the characters that won me over whenever. For me, a great story begins with a relatable cast. While I have actually never ever discovered myself in the location of these characters in my own individual life, the writing is so vibrant that it feels as though I’ve experienced it. Even if simply for a minute.

Covering it up …

If you’re trying to find your next read, might I recommend a Laurence Yep book? Yes, they are a bit tough to discover nowadays, however they are well worth the effort. If you take pleasure in stories of magic and marvel, performed by varied characters, then you will wish to examine these out. As constantly, pleased reading!

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