What Your Guinea Pigs Need

When it concerns purchasing products for your brand-new family pet, the list can appear daunting. With many sources online nowadays, you can hear one group stating to purchase a specific product, and another group will be informing you to never ever purchase that product for your animal. This can puzzle you to the point that you believe to yourself, “Will this eliminate my animal? No? Well, then let’s attempt it.” Because this is not the very best option, let me show you a list of requirements together with a couple of guidelines, on what you will require to keep your guinea pig pleased and healthy. So let’s have a look at what your guinea pigs require:


The kind of cage you choose to purchase is potentially the most crucial choice you will make. Not just will it impact your own home, however likewise it will impact the way of life of your guinea pig. The popular option of every guinea pig lover is the C & & C cage (cubes and coroplast). These cages are outstanding due to their size, performance, and versatility. If you have the ability to make one, it might be an excellent choice. A 2nd choice, and the one I selected, is to acquire the Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat.

This cage determines 2 ′ x 4 ′ providing 2 guinea pigs a good quantity of space to live and play. If you feel the requirement to have a bigger cage, or you have more than 2 pigs, you can acquire the expandable variation rather. This will permit you to link several cages together in addition to offers a cover for the cage (if you require one.) The canvas bottom is excellent and no, it does not take in liquid or leakage. It constantly worked well with pine bed linen, however it works even much better now that we utilize fleece. I can not suggest this one enough. Not to discuss, the rate is terrific. The Midwest cage or a C & & C cage is truly the only 2 alternatives I can suggest. Any other cage you see offered in shops is method too little (as in please never ever purchase among these things and make your guinea pig reside in it kinda little). They aren’t actually even huge enough for one pig (please do not have simply one), not to mention 2 or more. Simply do not take it to the other extreme. Although I’m sure guinea pigs would have a blast living in a cage that filled a whole space, the typical home can just spare a part of a space for the cage. Another feature of guinea pigs is that they do not require a cover/ cover on their cage unless you are attempting to keep other household animals out. No cover on the cage permits much easier access to the guinea pigs and whatever in the cage. And simply in case it requires to be stated, ensure that the cage does not have a wire flooring. This will cause injuries or foot issues. (I state this since some bunny hutches still utilize wire floor covering and has actually long been viewed as ok– it’s not. Do not utilize it for any caged family pets.)

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Bed linen

if, you choose to utilize pine bed linen, beware. Not a lot for the “low dust” or “much better quality” elements (since I feel that they are all quite comparable with just small variations). I utilized pine bed linen for all of my guinea pigs till I purchased a bag filled with moist shavings and, attempt I state?, termites. FYI, wood shavings are typically prevented due to stories of triggering guinea pig breathing issues, skin inflammations, etc. While utilizing pine bed linen, I never ever experienced this; nevertheless, it has actually been understood to occur to some pig owners. Sooooo … another alternative is paper bed linen. This things is respectable, however … so costly. It would be insane attempting to pay $20+ per bag (which is generally on a monthly basis). So that brings us to fleece bed linen. I understand, I understand. You are extremely hesitant about this alternative. I was too. However it has actually won me over. This is what’s truly popular today and is most likely among the most affordable options. And it’s incredibly simple to tidy and usage. (Plus, your guinea pigs will like it.)


Guinea pigs do not need much to keep them healthy when it concerns their food. As much as 75% of their diet plan must include Timothy hay. If you discover yourself to be allergic, you might attempt feeding them another kind of lawn or hay, simply research study it initially to ensure it is an excellent alternative. The rest of their diet plan will include fresh vegetables and fruits in addition to unique guinea pig pellets. Here are some great standards to follow when selecting pellets:

  • Fiber must be above 20%
  • Protein need to be around 15-16%
  • Fats ought to be no greater than 1-2%

(These numbers were drawn from guineapigsaustralia.com.au/ nutrition.htm)

These standards will rapidly eliminate the huge bulk of pellets on the marketplace (such as the ones with the beautiful colors and little “goodies” that are absolutely unhealthy for pigs). Guinea pig lovers swear by Oxbow and other luxury brand names. I would enjoy to feed this to mine too; nevertheless, the rate is merely expensive. Rather, I utilize Kaytee Timothy Complete.

This is the only food I have actually discovered to have the ideal balance of nutrients and likewise be cost effective (specifically if you look out for Petco’s online sales, such as complimentary shipping + % off or you can buy it from Amazon). When it comes to the fresh fruit and vegetables, attempt feeding them roughly one cup daily. A few of their favorites will be lettuce, carrots, apples, etc. Research study any foods that you are unsure about previously providing to your animals. Likewise, ensure that they are not getting excessive of any one kind. This can lead to high levels of calcium, sugar, and so on.

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Bowls and Bottles

This is fairly simple, however the something you will require to make certain you have is a hay rack. There are a range of sizes and designs readily available; just select which one you desire and put it on the cage.

For the bowl, you will wish to provide a broad however shallow meal. The very best products for this would be either ceramic or glass due to its much heavier weight. Numerous guinea pigs like to put their front paws on the rim and consume from it that method. (Mine much like to tip it on its side so they can consume putting down … oh yes, and move the bowl all over the cage).

You do not need to be extremely fussy about the water bottle. I initially purchased an 8 oz. bottle and later on purchased a 16 oz. one as the pigs grew. I in fact utilize both now for 2 factors. One, that method they can each have one. 2, it assists avoid them from lacking water, which is a great thing. (Note: Make sure you purchase a bottle brush. They are just a few dollars and are the only method to completely clear out the bottle.)

Vitamin C

There are 2 various types of vitamin C supplements. One remains in a pellet type and the other remains in liquid kind, which is what I constantly utilize. The vitamin drops are simple to utilize and will assist your piggies to get enough vitamin C. Just ensure that you do not depend on this totally. Depending upon just how much water your guinea pigs consume in addition to just how much the vitamins have actually broken down will identify just how much they really get. They need to be getting most of their vitamin C through the fresh fruit and vegetables they consume. So why utilize it? Due to the fact that while it might not offer all that they require, it will assist to provide a few of their day-to-day consumption. Unlike other rodents, guinea pigs are not able to produce their own vitamin C; for that reason, without adequate vitamin C in their diet plan, guinea pigs can end up being prone to scurvy, and so on. As a side note, some individuals will state they their guinea pigs do not consume the water if it has vitamins contributed to it. If this holds true, attempt to improve the quantity of vitamin C they are getting through fresh fruit and vegetables. (Btw, my guinea pigs have actually never ever had an issue consuming their water.)

Toys and Chews

Guinea pigs require things to have fun with and things to chew on. If you look online, there are many terrific concepts for DIY toys and cage devices. They definitely enjoy strolling under things, entering between items, and concealing in tunnels. Make certain you supply them with something to conceal in. Guinea pigs require a location where they can leave sight and feel safe and secure. It’s part of their pig nature. They can be actually quickly amused and it is funny seeing them make a video game out of random things you provide. Enabling them a location to run around and leave their cage for a while is constantly interesting for them. Simply ensure that you monitor them and keep them out of difficulty (like chewing on wires and whatnot). When it comes to their teeth, a guinea pig’s teeth never ever stop growing. This is because of their having open roots. As an outcome, issues such as malocclusion can result if they do not have enough to chew on.

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A Friend

Among the worst things you can do is purchase one guinea pig. When I was more youthful, I did this. Comparing him with George and Patrick … it makes a world of distinction! There is a lot interaction in between the 2 of them. They have somebody they can speak with, and they do. Patrick, who is the more shy of the 2, gets a lot more self-confidence when George, who is almost brave, is around. Enjoying them play and popcorn around the space is humorous. Although I am at work throughout the day, it makes it much better understanding that my piggies aren’t lonesome. Please make certain you purchase least 2.

In addition to that idea, ensure that they are both the exact same gender. There are numerous classified advertisements that state something to the result of: “I purchased 2 guinea pigs, now I have 5, please come purchase all my guinea pigs due to the fact that I can’t look after them.” I do not believe I might look after 5 guinea pigs today either, sooooo … make certain they’re the very same gender and you will not need to fret about this taking place???? (Note: Some guinea pigs will not get along or will reveal supremacy towards the other pig. If at all possible, either purchase a set of pigs that have actually been bonded, or purchase pigs that are from the exact same litter, and so on. This can assist often.)

I would like to speak with you everything about what you discover to be a requirement for your guinea pigs. Simply share in the remarks listed below!

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