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Young person fiction is an extensive category, and has actually covered almost every element of storytelling you can think of. Nevertheless, some types are more difficult to discover than others, so when I came across Contagion I was overjoyed.

Movies like Alien presented a brand-new kind of scary that we didn’t understand we required. Stranding a couple of unfortunate souls in the area of area and providing a terrible opponent to hunt them down one at a time. Contagion follows much of these hints while becoming its own thing and providing something brand-new. If you have yet to check out Contagion, here’s why you require to.

  • Title:Contagion
  • Author:Erin Bowman
  • Page Count:432
  • Category:YA Sci-Fi

The Summary

After getting an immediate SOS from a work information on a far-off world, a skeleton team is dispatched to carry out a basic search-and-rescue objective.

A lot of are dead.

However when the team shows up, they discover an abandoned website, cluttered with rotten food, disposed of weapons … and dead bodies.

Do not set foot here once again.

As they attempt to piece together who– or what– might have annihilated a whole operation, they find that some things are best left buried– and some beasts are just too prepared to awaken.

The Plot

While I will go on to talk about the characters of Contagion, the plot gets the spotlight of this unique instead of the cast. Yes, the cast does play a strong function in the story and their actions are important to the total plot. However it is the opening, the dilemma, and the ending that left me pleading for a follow up.

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The story starts easy enough. Thea, an intern for Hevetz, has actually been working along with Dr. Tarlow. Her aspirations are to proceed to university within simply a couple of brief months and go far for herself. However when her coach gets the order to examine an occurrence on a neighboring world, she has no option however to follow. Thea and her team make all the timeless errors, however their very first error was following orders. Since the longer they stay in the world Achlys, their possibilities of survival decrease.

To prevent spoilers, I will avoid informing you what they discover on earth, however I will state that this story is an ideal mix of sci-fi and scary. For so long, the team (and for that matter, you the reader) remain in the dark regarding what occurred there and what will occur next. From the very first chapter to the last, there was stress and thriller. And I merely might not put this one down.

If you take pleasure in any of the components that I’ve noted up until now, get Contagion.

The Characters

Earlier I discussed that the cast plays a lower function in the total story, and this holds true. Though we do get little bits of background on the various team members. There are a lot of shifts in POV, as you view a scene unfold through the eyes of one character, just for it to change once again in the next. For some readers, this will drive you insane. I get that. There are times when having strong, vibrant characters is essential to a story’s success.

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Nevertheless, I do feel that Contagion carries out well simply the method it is. While I didn’t learn more about each of the characters on a deep level, I did pertain to see Thea, Coen, and Nova as strong entertainers and I enjoyed their stories for what they were. However to be truthful, I wished to see what occurred next and how the story ended more than anything else. And eventually, how the plot would impact and be impacted by the characters.

The Verdict

Contagion is a hectic sci-fi book, total with area, corruption, and a scary discovery. There will be minutes of pure thriller and scary. Characters will make dumb choices while you relax and enjoy the result. If you take pleasure in traditional movies such as Alien, this is the unique for you. I completely enjoyed this one, in case you can’t inform, and I extremely suggest it.

Let me understand in the remarks listed below if you’ve checked out Contagion, and if so, what your ideas are. As constantly, pleased reading!


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