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Crooked Kingdom: The Review

Warning: If you have not read Six of Crows, do not read this review. Summary The Dregs are back in Ketterdam, but nothing has turned out the way they planned: Inej has been captured, Wylan's face is not his own, and Nina is on the brink of death or insanity as a...

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The Big Move

As with any great adventure, you have to begin it with coffee. So why would moving half-way across the country be any different? And of course, you'll also need to visit your local U-Haul dealer. With coffee in hand and the U-Haul attached to the truck, we were ready...

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Are You Really Ready for a Puppy?

Puppies—they put smiles on our faces and bring joy to our lives. But as cute as puppies can be, that doesn’t erase the time, effort, and money it takes to raise a cute little puppy into a well-behaved dog. That sweet little guy will one day be a massive Great Dane who...

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Curio: The Review

Can I be completely honest for just a minute? I was recently perusing a local book store when I came across a clearance section. A clearance section that contained several interesting titles that I had to pick between. Finally, after a lot of guessing and a little...

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Life With a Corgi

Life has been a little crazy. With the recent move, the selling of our house, and the new puppy, it’s safe to say I’ve been a little preoccupied. But speaking of the new puppy, I think it’s time that you finally got introduced. Meet Reuben: He’s 100% Pembroke Welsh...

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Caraval: The Review

"...before you fully enter into our world, you must remember it's all a game. What happens beyond this gate may frighten or excite you, but don't let any of it trick you. We will try to convince you it's real, but all of it is a performance. A world built of...

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Back to Blogging

Life, simply put, has been a whirlwind. Back in April, Tim and I packed up everything we owned—or at least, what was left after we sold and gave away countless items—and made the move from southern living to the wild west, aka Oklahoma. While this was no major...

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Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Cooking is one of my hobbies, you could say. I enjoy the different flavors that come from changing a few ingredients or adjusting your methods. And one of the best things about cooking is trying a new recipe. Resources, such as Pinterest, are great ways to find out...

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Six of Crows: The Review

 The Summary Set in the city of Ketterdam, the Barrel is home to the cities' thieves, gambling dens, and pleasure seekers. Survival on these streets requires nothing less than a steel spine and an unbreakable will. Yet, when the offer for an impossible heist is...

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