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A Drop of Night: The Review

This book is nothing short of a masterpiece, enough said. But since this is a review, I’ll keep going. If you haven’t picked up Stefan Bachmann’s A Drop of Night, well, you need to. If you have picked up this book, you’ll notice that the...

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5 Ways to Makeover Your Look (On a Budget)

Do you enjoy looking at magazines, watching TV shows, and surfing Pinterest to get inspiration for your look? There are countless sources of fashion and it can easily become overwhelming. Pinterest alone can make you wish for that perfect hair and flawless makeup. But...

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3 Android Games You Need to Play

I am a gamer, simply put. And finding games on my phone that I enjoy playing are few and far between. I need more than a little repetition and a whole lot of ads when it comes to playing, well, anything. But this week, I’ve managed to find 3 fun games that you...

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Brickhouse Grille: The Review

Virginia Woolf once said: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” I’d have to agree with that statement, and just the other night, I dined very well. If you ever find yourself in the small city of LaGrange, Georgia,...

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Buying a New Car

Previously, we looked at some pros and cons to buying a used car. So today, let’s look at the flip side of that, and take a look at the pros and cons of buying a new vehicle. For some, it’s clear that they will buy a new vehicle, while for others, they have never...

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Verizon-Why I Left and You Should Too

Technology—that one word possibly sums up today’s society better than any other. Technology has both advantages and disadvantages, and has helped to both advance, as well as hinder improvements. Cellular devices have by far become the most notable piece of equipment,...

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One Year in the New House

Well, it has been about a year since we moved into our house. So much has happened, including a lot of DIY projects and renovations. I thought I would put together a post to recap some of our greatest achievements and look at some before and after moments. So let’s...

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Mailbox Makeover

When is the last time you noticed somebody’s mailbox? Have you ever? If you haven’t, you probably haven’t missed much. Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t really look at mailboxes either. That is, until I decided to give mine a makeover. Now I...

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Hotel Ruby: The Review

For this week’s book review, I decided to share something a little different. While Hotel Ruby is no where near being classified as horror, I think it would be safe to call it a suspense or thriller. From the very start, you are wondering what is happening,...

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